Introducing ‘From There To Here’ podcast

15 Nov 2023 | ICG News & Announcements

Michael Stone, ICG member and owner of Stone Market Research, has set-up a podcast ‘From There To Here’ in which he will talk to people in the public eye about their journey through life. The interviews will look at their journey and the key factors that have taken them to where they are today.

  • The motivators
  • The objectives
  • The influencers
  • The key events
  • The lessons learned en route
  • The plans moving forward

Mental Health

Michael is very keen to use the podcast to promote the idea that people reach out for support if and when they are facing mental health challenges. Says Michael;

“I myself have had challenges in this area over the years and want to encourage people to talk about the issue and about their own personal challenges. I hope that interviewees will be happy to use the podcast to add their voice to the encouragement to other people to reach out and seek help and to understand that they are not alone in feeling as they do”.

The first interview is with 70’s rocker and current Radio 6 presenter, Tom Robinson. This is the link to the website.

From There To Here