Launch in the time of Covid

09 Jun 2020 | Research & Business Knowledge

When deciding to launch a new business, timing can be a very important factor. It’s no surprise then, that in these times of lockdown and uncertainty, many would-be entrepreneurs are understandably hesitant to take the plunge. 

However, over the past few months there have been a number of brave souls out there that have decided to go against the tide and found success that way. One such case is ICG Member Theo Francis, owner and MD of GuineaPig Fieldwork Ltd, a company that provides qualitative and quantitative fieldwork services in the UK and overseas.

After launching less than a month ago, GuineaPig have already managed to commission several large scale projects, proving that even in a crisis, opportunities are still out there for those brave enough to go after them. 

In this article, Theo breaks down his thought process behind launching now, the pros vs cons, and why he believes that now, in the midst of the Covid19 crisis, there are more opportunities for budding entrepreneurs than ever before.

Click here to link to Theo’s article.