RECORDING: De-Mystifying COM-B And How It Can Be Used In Research

16 Dec 2021 | Webinars

This webinar is generously sponsored by Perspective Research Services 

Following on from an ICG members’ egroup discussion, we’re delighted that ICG member Elina Halonen, Square Peg Insight, will take us through what this model of behaviour is, how it can be applied in research, what its benefits and pitfalls are, and where members can go to understand more about it.

Join in the discussion

We have a Forum link for this subject on our website. Elina would love you to post any questions or experiences you have of using the model in this Forum before the webinar so that she ensures she covers your questions in the webinar. Feel free to continue discussing this area after the webinar as well. You have to be logged in to the ICG website to access the Forums.