RECORDING: This Too Shall Pass: Navigating Change With A Sense Of Humour

18 Oct 2021 | Research & Business Knowledge, Webinars

This webinar is generously sponsored by Qualzy (formerly Web Creator Suite), a platform which supports all your asynchronous project needs including diary tasks, UX research, video blogging, international projects, long term communities and much much more.

We live in an ever-changing world and most of us fear change, so how do we survive?

We are faced with Covid, Brexit, climate change and a re-emergence of ABBA (wait, is that relevant?), and somehow
we try make sense of it all.

In this session  Greg Arthur, Transformation Coach, Lifeology, provides you with practical tips and guides that will not only help your business navigate change, but, more importantly, it will give you tools to be more change resilient.

About Greg

Greg started adult life out of integrity with himself and in a career he had no interest in, and so has seen the value in striving for authenticity in all that we are and do.

This quest to guide people towards their truth, whatever it may be, has led him to be a coach, mentor and change agent. He works in companies and with individuals to help improve self-esteem and productivity and to neutralise
stigma, both internally and externally, as well as navigating them through change.

His path has been varied, providing him with business and project management experience, as well many years in Corporate Social Responsibility, where he discovered the joy and skill involved in marrying the needs of communities and projects with corporate donors.

He has learnt that compassion and empathy are key to understanding the stories and needs of those you wish to assist. He now offers his  time to peer mentor people living with HIV.

Originally from South Africa, he is now based in London and runs his own business, Lifeology, with his best friend.
He is a keen runner and swimmer (these help him to clear his mind), a casual yogi and love a good book. You will also catch him often out of London as he feeds his curiosity about culture and the world through travel.