Reviewing ‘Using Semiotics in Marketing: How to Achieve Consumer Insight for Brand Growth and Profits’

10 Mar 2020 | Research & Business Knowledge

ICG member Dean Murley provides a thorough analysis of Dr Rachel Lawes’ latest book.

This is a really great read that has bolstered my semiotic analysis toolkit no end.

Rachel Lawes has a brilliant way of simplifying complex theory and ensuring that everything that she explains retains a practical and commercial application. It is extremely well written and permanently engaging, with activities at the end of each chapter so that you can apply the book’s learnings to a specific business challenge.

The layout is very well thought through, beginning with definitions and applications of semiotics, going on to the theory and practice of bottom-up and top-down analysis and how to draw insights and make recommendations from these.

It has particularly made me think about the difference between ethnography and semiotics, in that semiotics looks ‘through’ the situation as a representation or simulation of reality, rather than taking that situation at face value.

This is an ideal book for semiotics practitioners and for those who are interested in applying a semiotic worldview to their lives and businesses.

This book is available to purchase here.

ICG member Dean Murley is founder of White Tiger: Strategic Qualitative Insight