RECORDING: Get off the Feast & Famine Rollercoaster!

How often do you find yourself riding the feast and famine rollercoaster? Working and busy one month, but with no work to keep you busy the next month. Time to do more marketing when you’re not busy – and then no time to keep in touch with prospects when you’re busy...

Using behavioural science to turn shoppers into buyers

ICG member Iona Carter examines how people shop and what retailers can do to influence them. The Nobel Laureate psychologist, Daniel Kahneman, famously said that “thinking is to humans like swimming is to cats… they can do it, but they’d prefer not to”.  And this...

Is Your ICG Member Profile Bringing You Business?

Chantal Cornelius of Appletree Marketing took ICG members through some top tips for optimising their ICG Member Profiles. You can listen to this informative webinar here With thanks to Teneo Translations for sponsoring this.