The MRS Inclusion Pledge for Independent Consultants

21 Nov 2023 | ICG News & Announcements

The ICG has worked with the MRS on an Inclusion Pledge which is relevant for ICG members/ independent consultants to encourage commitment to inclusive practices across the sector. 

The Inclusion Pledge for Independents focuses on ensuring we work with others who are also committed to diversity and inclusion practices, and building these principles into our research design where practical.  In this way we consultants are able to play our part in ensuring a broader representation in our industry.

We would encourage you to read the Pledge (below) and consider whether you are willing to commit to it.

Note that we will be running a Panel Discussion about the Pledge on Tuesday 12th September at 11am for you to find out more. Registration for this opening soon.

If you are interested in this Pledge, there are two routes you can go down:

  • MRS members:
    • To sign up for the Pledge as an MRS member and receive the MRS Pledge logo to be used on your marketing collateral and to be included on the lists of signatories published on the MRS website, please email : stating that you wish to become a signatory to the MRS Independent Consultants’ Inclusion Pledge. MRS will send you a simple form of words for the commitment , and once you have sent the  commitment back you will be sent the logo and your name or company name will be included on the list on the MRS website.  For more information go to: For MRS members the Pledge is governed by the terms of the Code of Conduct; there are no expensive audits.
  • ICG members who are not MRS members:
    • To sign up for the Pledge as an ICG member and receive the ICG Pledge logo to be used on your marketing collateral and to be included on the lists of signatories published on the ICG website, please email : that you wish to become a signatory to the Independent Consultants’ Inclusion Pledge.

For more information go to: There are no expensive audits.

MRS Inclusion Pledge for Independent Consultants

We believe that a sector that provides insight and evidence about human behaviour and society should be representative of the world it serves. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where the only barriers to progress are personal choice and professional competence.

To contribute towards a diverse and inclusive sector we commit to:

  1. Work with research partners who practice parity wherever possible and
    pay employees fairly
  2. Work with partners with strong representation of women and marginalised communities at all levels. This includes those from minority ethnic groups, people with a disability, and those from working class backgrounds.
  3. Support and where possible be involved in outreach programmes that aim to improve the representation and diversity of our sector.  
  4. Design and conduct our research projects to allow representation for all, ensuring:
    • Active consideration of inclusive research designs and methodologies.
    • Transparent communication of the sampling practice within our projects, especially when claims of national representation are to be made.
  5. Support diversity and inclusion in our industry:
    • Call out incidences of inappropriate behaviour and where necessary whistleblow those incidences to MRS.
    • Stay up to date with practices and latest thinking on stress, mental health, wellbeing in the workplace
    • Be aware of the MRS Inclusion Pledge for agencies, and work towards being compliant as/if the business grows.



With special thanks to Annabelle Phillips, ICG committee member responsible for Diversity & Inclusion, for spearheading this initiative and liaising with the MRS.

Pledge Signatories

The following have signed the pledge for independent consultants:
Amanda Claesens,  ACE Market Reseach:
Emil Brune, African Grey
Mark Rogers, BMB Holdings Ltd:
Matt Kirby, bob’s your uncle:
Lynne Guthrie, Caledonia Market Research:
Cathy Riley, Catalyst Research:
Monique Rotik, Collaborate Research:
Phil Gray, Constellation-i:
Danny Russell, Danny Russell Consulting
Ella Fryer-Smith, Do You Research
Allison Samuel, Field Solutions Market Research
Jeffrey Deighton, Insight Engineers
Debbie Moorcroft, Moorcroft Market Research
Kath Rhodes, Qualitative Street Ltd (Qual Street)
Kathy Seymour, Seymour Research
Liz Montgomery, Sharp Research Ltd
Simon Riley, Shore
Steven Lacey, The Outsiders
Kathryn Hall, True Insights
Sally Kemkers, Untapped Innovation
Liz Lipscomb, Vantage Point Research
More info: