Why Cultural Insight Is So Important For Research – RECORDING

22 Jun 2021 | Research & Business Knowledge

This webinar was generously sponsored by MIS Group

This webinar was presented by ICG member Felicia Schwartz, China Insight.

It explores the crossover between two areas Felicia is active in – cultural insights and market research. Although we often use market research to uncover cultural insight it is interesting to explore whether we shouldn’t integrate culture into the design of research from inception on. Felicia  routinely comes across briefs that make assumptions or ask questions that are not culturally right for her region (greater China) or that miss cultural nuance when pulling together the analysis.

Although her examples are taken from China, the webinar allowed others to share other cultural examples so that everyone could think together about integrating cultural nuance into research projects and about how to make clients more alive to this topic.

About Felicia

Felicia has pursued an international career in branding working for global communication agencies Ogilvy and Dentsu. Her work took her from France to China, where she spent close to 14 years and specialized in strategic planning and consumer insights.

Currently based in between Beijing and London, Felicia is the founder of an insight consultancy that helps brands and companies understand the Chinese consumer through cultural insight research and maximize their product positioning, product innovation and communication for the Chinese market. She has experience across a number of sectors such as automobile, beauty fast moving consumer goods, luxury and retail.

Felicia is a graduate with Dean’s list merits, from Duke University in North Carolina, USA.  She obtained her Master’s degree from Sciences Po, the prestigious Institute of Political Science in Paris, France.

She speaks fluent German, English, French and Mandarin Chinese.

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