ICG/MRS Award recognises independents punching above their weight

25 Nov 2019 | ICG News & Announcements, Research & Business Knowledge

We’re counting the days until we find out who’s won the 2019 MRS/ICG Award for Independent Consultants. The award showcases the breadth of work, collaboration and innovation that takes place across the independent research sector. We asked the finalists what it means to them to work independently and be shortlisted for this award. 

Deep Blue Thinking – Nick Bonney

“The submission focuses on three things that are key to being an independent consultant: Flexibility…the ability to move and make decisions quickly…and a genuine partnership of delivering with other consultants. Some of the vendors on the project came from suggestions on the ICG’s e-forum.”

Feeling Mutual –  Tom Woodnutt

“It’s a brilliant initiative because it encourages the industry to recognise what independents can do. Even though we’re microbusinesses we can punch above our weight. We can take on big corporate briefs and execute them really well. The ICG is crucial in giving us access to other like-minded independents so we can take on bigger briefs.”

Magenta – Sarah Jenkins

“The brief [for our shortlisted project] came from a shout-out by another ICG member looking for support. Being a finalist is a chance to shout about our work. It gives us credibility when we’re up against big agencies. It’s a stamp of approval so we’re delighted!”

Qual Street – Kath Rhodes and Ambreen Aziz

“Our entry focuses on how an independent agency like Qual Street can provide clients with truly agile collaboration, leading to deeper embedded insight. Independents have the freedom and flexibility to ‘give their all’ to a project.”

We’re proud of everyone who entered this year’s award. There are three things that stand out from the submissions: 

  • The depth and breadth of work that independents take on
  • How they successfully tackle challenging briefs because of not despite their size
  • The role the ICG plays in helping independents build their network and deliver on these bigger projects.

You can find out more about each shortlisted project in our earlier article MRS/ICG Award for Independent Consultants 2019: Finalists announced

The winner will be announced at the MRS Awards dinner on the evening of Monday 2 December. Follow the ICG Twitter feed to be one of the first to hear the news.

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