Kudos to ICG meet-ups

10 Nov 2020 | ICG News & Announcements

ICG member Anumita Sharma tells us about a productive ICG speed dating session which ended up with her landing a fascinating project.

“The lovely David Spenser of Direct Dialogue and I met on one of the ICG online speed dating events and we got talking about a potential project he had, involving work with the Sikh and Hindu communities in the UK.  I gave him some ideas and shared my experience with him.

Two months later David got in touch to say that the project we discussed hadn’t materialised but that another client wanted to do some ethnic minority work, and he was going to recommend his client get in touch with me to discuss the project – an important project looking at BAME communities and the COVID pandemic.

Today I completed the project and the client sent this feedback:  

“Thanks for this Anumita, we are completely awestruck by the amazing job you’ve done”

Thank you David for the opportunity and thank you to The ICG for making it happen.”