RECORDING: Conducting Research in Europe: A Panel Debate

19 Mar 2024 | Webinars

This webinar has been sponsored by Rigour Research 

The panel will discuss all things related to conducting research in Europe and share their anecdotes with us.

Our Panellists

Alexander Ekimov, Kea Solutions Ltd.

It is now exactly 20 years since I started working in market research with a brief spell in marketing in between. I have worked on a wide variety of projects both in terms of scope and size. Electoral, social, consumer and B2B research in a single country, East Europe and the entire continent. While for the most part I have worked as part of a small team of freelance researchers, I have also participated at the central coordination level for big multinational projects.

Silvia Iranzo Ferrandis, In Market Research 

Silvia Iranzo Ferrandis is ‘Director & Consultant’ at ‘In Market Research’ in Spain. A senior expert qualitative research consultant who has been working in multi-country international studies for 19 years now. Always searching for innovative techniques and methodologies she enthusiastically embraced online research over a decade ago and is considered a pioneer and early adopter of online focus groups, blogs and online communities in Spain. Silvia has managed projects for many international research agencies and consumer, B2B and pharmaceutical global brands.

Camille Gerbaud, CG Research

Camille Gerbaud through CG Research helps UK businesses bridge the cultural gap when conducting qualitative research in the French market.

Born in France and living in the UK, Camille has over 14 years of experience as a qualitative researcher & consultant in market research agencies in Paris and London as well as in a freelance capacity.

Camille holds a Masters degree in Social Psychology and is passionate about how social representations and culture shape consumers perceptions and behaviours. 

Henrique SavelsbergSavelsberg Research

Henrique is Dutch native and has 20+ year’s experience in developing and managing international market research projects. Having a strong track record as Research Manager for multi-country studies (especially across Europe and SE Asia) where he works with local senior researchers but also as much as a researcher himself where he is often asked for NL/BE. Henrique moderates (nearly exclusively online) in Dutch and English mainly. Strong on the ground research experience across Europe and SE Asia region. Henrique enjoys deep diving with consumers but picking up technical B-to-B research as much where he often teams up with topic experts whether it may be aquaculture, tires, packaging, adhesives to name a few areas.

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