RECORDING: Data Visualisation: An Art or a Science?

14 Feb 2023 | Webinars

This webinar is generously sponsored by Rigour Research 

In this ICG webinar Andrew Le Breuilly from Arrowstream and Colin Wojtowycz from Datawoj provide a practical insight into the world of data visualisation. The webinar will provide you with tips that you can immediately apply to your work as well as introducing you to some shortcuts for designing insightful dashboards for the Market Research industry.

The webinar has been created specifically for the ICG and is suitable for both quantitative and qualitative researchers.

Andrew Le Breuilly

Andrew Le Breuilly, founder of Arrowstream, has over 15 years of experience working in Data Visualisation and Market Research, as well as delivering training for clients and for Royal Holloway’s MBA and MSc programmes. He particularly specialises in taking large-scale complex surveys and creating intuitive interactive dashboards for global market research companies. Andrew recently led Arrowstream to become finalists of the ASC/MRS Best Technology Innovation Award 2022 for their new product that rapidly prepares survey data for dashboarding and reporting tools.



Colin Wojtowycz

Colin is an expert in visualising business and research data into actionable insights. He has experience of delivering many successful data visualisation consultancy projects. Building on many years of delivering Research and Intelligence to inform Local Government service planning and delivery.  Specialising in survey design, analysis and reporting to understand stakeholder opinion. As a certified Tableau Data Analyst, he creates insightful data visualisations and interactive dashboards within Tableau Desktop.

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WEBINAR SLIDES HERE: ICG Dataviz Training Session 2023 v5