Should I be afraid of Generative AI taking my job?

07 Mar 2023 | ICG News & Announcements, Research & Business Knowledge

“I don’t think so” I hear you reply? Perhaps. Carol Raithatha gives us some solid answers to the question on many researchers’ minds.

“As a qualitative researcher, should I be afraid of generative AI taking my job? This is the question buzzing around the market research world and it’s hard not to get drawn in to the frenzy. On consideration I’ve decided I am not (yet!) concerned because:

1. Generative AI is a baby and I am an adult – I have years of experience in a lot of things. ChatGPT has been referred to as resembling someone with a few years experience in everything. In that sense, I am profound and generative AI is superficial.

2.  Trust – I am a human and am instinctively aware of behaviour and interaction that generates trust. Good qualitative research is always about generating mutual trust between the moderator and respondent. For the moment I believe many people will find it hard to believe in a bot completely – and as a human race, we are lucky they feel this way!

3.  Interested – I am engaged and puzzled by the world around me and sometimes ignore patterns and get drawn into following paths in strange directions which might lead to a new insight. As far as I understand, generative AI relies on existing patterns to deliver its outputs, so although these outputs will be potentially unique, they will also feel similar to what we have seen before.

Not sure if the above analysis holds any water, but for now it is making me feel better. What do you think?

PS – Image generated by Dall-E!”