What Will 2034 Look Like?

12 Mar 2024 | Research & Business Knowledge

Paper will be presented by ICG member Preriit Souda, Director: Data Science & Strategic Insights, PSA Consultants, at the EPHMRA Conference 2024.

This presentation will start with a question for the audience: What do you think 2034 will look like? Then after this we will move on to address what the future might look like 10 years from now.

Preriit will talk about how society might evolve, how work might evolve, and how consumer behaviors might change. Then, the paper will focus on the possible future of market research/insight – what might happen and where the industry might evolve. What might be the possible strengths and possible weaknesses?

Finally, there will be a discussion on the skills that will be needed and what we can do today to be ready for tomorrow and to succeed in what the coming 10 years might bring.


Preriit will also be running a webinar for the ICG about this on the 16 May.  Registration here