Segmentation Is Cool, No Really, It Really Is…


This webinar is generously sponsored by Rigour Research Ltd, your data collection and advanced analysis partners   Join ICG member Nic Bulois, Insight Angels, in this round-table online discussion about when and how to do segmentation studies and the range of models out there which could help. REGISTER FOR THIS INTERACTIVE WEBINAR - BE READY TO […]


Applications of personality psychology to market research

This webinar is generously sponsored by Audiense Personality traits have been shown to be effective predictors of behaviour. What’s more, they are not difficult to collect. In this webinar ICG member Chris Harvey, Activate Research, will explore common personality tests and models and describe a range of specific applications to both qualitative and quantitative market […]


Exploring Conjoint Analysis

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This webinar is generously sponsored by MIS Group Conjoint Analysis: What is it? How does it work? What does it tell you? This is a hands on session run by ICG member Saul Dobney on how conjoint analysis uses attributes and levels to define virtual products and services, how these are tested in choice-tasks with […]


Bad Data Causes Bad Decisions: How to solve the problem of data quality in your online research

Online sampling has revolutionized research, with more companies than ever turning to online methods of data collection to accelerate their research and consumer insights. However, with this explosion in the amount of research being conducted online have come significant concerns over the quality of data that can be collected using online samples. In this webinar […]


Applications of Behavioural Science to Quantitative Market Research

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This webinar is generously sponsored by MIS Group  Over the past decade or more, many market research agencies and their clients have been influenced by findings from behavioural science. In particular, some agencies have incorporated insights and approaches from behavioural science into their qualitative research offer. However, while some have also had similar success in […]


Get Off the Feast & Famine Rollercoaster!

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How often do you find yourself riding the feast and famine rollercoaster? Working and busy one month, but with no work to keep you busy the next month. Time to do more marketing when you’re not busy – and then no time to keep in touch with prospects when you’re busy with clients. Sound familiar? […]


Cyber Security: Defence in Depth

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In this webinar, Rick Wilmott, head of Sales and Marketing, and Scott Brooks, Cyber Security Expert at Cheeky Munkey, will take us through; How to be more Cyber aware The threat landscape How are small businesses targeted? What can I do to protect my business? If you've had any IT security 'horror stories' and are […]

Data Visualisation: An art or a science?

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This webinar is generously sponsored by Rigour Research  In this ICG webinar Andrew Le Breuilly from Arrowstream and Colin Wojtowycz from Datawoj provide a practical insight into the world of data visualisation. The webinar will provide you with tips that you can immediately apply to your work as well as introducing you to some shortcuts […]


Disability: Breaking down the barriers

This webinar is generously sponsored by McGowan Transcriptions, specialists in Market Research multiple voice transcription since 1993.   We're pleased to have ICG member Steven Lacey, The Outsiders, talk to us about his experiences and knowledge. Steven Lacey is an ex-strategist and award-winning qualitative researcher. He runs The Outsiders, which conducts lots of research in […]

To AI or not to AI. Is this the question?

This webinar has been generously sponsored by Qualzy, an innovative web-based platform for Qualitative Researchers to create and manage short-term and long-term communities, diary studies,  video projects and more. It's complete with state-of-the-art AI powered tools, outstanding support, and cost-effective pricing. In this webinar, Phil Barden and Dr Dirk Held will be talking to us […]

ICG Training: Transforming Online Market Research using Gamification; The Science, Design Application, and Impact

This session has been generously sponsored by GiftPay, empowering you to send instant rewards to your participants at no extra cost, redeemable at 80+ top retailers of your choice   In this 2-hour training session with Betty Adamou, learn the science and psychology behind gamification, and why it's being used in every industry on the planet - […]

A love letter from AI to the qualitative researcher

This webinar has been generously sponsored by OPPI - the platform for market researchers seeking to enhance their qualitative and quantitative studies through opinion crowdsourcing and audience insights. Using state-of-the-art data analytics, OPPI captures the nuances of human conversation through crowd-sourced opinions, providing real-time, actionable insights. Imagine integrating these rich, qualitative insights into your current […]